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Thalon Cinematic Trailer

Here is the Thalon cinematic trailer I was fortunate to direct and supervise!
This was such a fun experience to work on, thanks to the great team we had. I’m proud of what we accomplished being such a small team working part-time on this.

I hope you enjoy this trailer and I want to say a huge thanks to the team:

Alf Lovvold : Key cinematic artist and co-director. Alf did such a big part of this, from previz to animation and all the way to FX, rendering, and compositing. Super impressive what one person can pull off :)

Abram Hadnot and Alex Hodge: They did a large amount of the hard surface modeling and textures for characters, vehicles, and buildings. Great work and ability to execute good design and consistency :)

Alexis Feodoroff and Katie Chilton: They did all the sound and music. We loved what they came up with and their quality, creativity and original sound fit the project well.

Mohammed Javed: Our producer and creator of the project. A great and positive person to work for and a big influence on the creative parts of the trailer.

Myself, I had the pleasure to supervise, making concept art, art direction, storyboards, matte painting, creature asset, additional modeling, additional comp and grading.

This trailer was made to set the tone for a real-time strategy game, Thalon. The trailer showcases the feel of the game, the world and some of the functions the game will have.

To find out more, check out the project here: