Production design course with Dylan Cole - Artwork by Einar Martinsen - Sacred place, shot 05

Einar martinsen dc class einarmartinsen 2016 raven shot 050 01
Einar martinsen 2016 12 05 23 35 08 raven shot 010 einarmartinsen v03 psd 100 look rgb 16
Einar martinsen layout render6

Here's one of many concepts I did for Dylan Cole's production design course over at

The process for me was first deciding on an idea and direction. The task here was to design a sacred place that could work as a set.
I wanted to create something set in Norse mythology, inspired by great romantic painters. I started gathering reference from Norway and inspiration from romantic painters like, Hans Gude.

I had a larger story in mind while creating these and since this was going to be a multiple angle shoot, I wanted to be able to put the "camera" anywhere. I built out a simple 3D scene in maya and lit the set with Vray. I did not slave to the CG, but it served as a very good guide and a good way to plan out the shot's.

Feel free to ask questions, and I hope you enjoy my work smiley